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Don’t be Road Kill !

In Massachusetts,if you are walking or jogging on a public way (fancy word for a street) , you should be on the right side of the street. That means you should be on the side of the street facing traffic. The idea is you can see a car coming at you and act accordingly. If a car is going to hit you, jump off the road! Better off, if you can walk on a sidewalk, do it! If you are crossing a street, try to use a crosswalk. Once you enter a crosswalk, motorists must let you pass. However, you don’t want to walk in front of a speeding vehicle. Use commonsense. There are too many distracted drivers out there.

If you are riding your bicycle, you have to obey the same rules of the road as motor vehicles. You have to ride your bicycle with traffic. That is the opposite of walking or jogging.  It also means you must stop at stop signs and red lights.Obviously ( even Lance Armstrong can’t pedal as fast as a car), you need to stay on the far right side of the road. Finally, whether walking, jogging, or riding your bicycle, dress to be seen. Loud clothes could save your life. Use hi viz clothing.  We’ve all seen a cool person dressed in all black walking on a dark road at night with his or her back to traffic.

Be safe. Life is wonderful!


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