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We are proud of the results we have achieved throughout our firm’s existence, and we are eager to share our recent case results with current and potential clients. Please scroll to read more about the type of work we do, our legal philosophy in representing our clients, and the amount and degree of success that we have had.

VERDICT: $2,007,810.25

Awarded To:

The parents of a college student who passed away after she had been served alcohol as a minor and crashed her car into a tree.

VERDICT: $408,331.59

Awarded To:

A 33-year-old roofer who fell off a roof at a job site and broke his back.

VERDICT: $13,000.00

Awarded To:

A woman who was rear ended by another motorist and suffered a neck injury.

SETTLEMENT: $760,000.00

Awarded To:

The family of a 42-year-old mother killed by a fallen, rotten tree limb during a windstorm at a municipal beach.

SETTLEMENT: $320,000.00

Awarded To:

A truck driver who received soft tissue injuries to his back resulting from a collision with another truck.

SETTLEMENT: $290,000.00

Awarded To:

A carpenter who was bit by a dog and, as a diabetic, suffered an infection and lost significant wages.

SETTLEMENT: $250,000.00

Awarded To:

A motorcyclist who was struck by a negligent car driver and suffered a fractured wrist and pelvis, which resulted in settling for the maximum insurance policy available and the case settling six months after collision.


Awarded To:

The family of a man who was over-served at a bar and was killed after striking a mailbox on his motorcycle while intoxicated, after which the bar paid the settlement out of $100,000.00 insurance policy.


Awarded To:

A woman who slipped on a wet bathroom floor and suffered a soft tissue injury to her lower back.

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