Drivers are simply more distracted today.

With the rise of technology such as satellite radio, navigation systems, and smartphones, instances of auto accidents involving pedestrians continues to rise. Drivers are simply more distracted than they used to be, and with that distraction comes substantial risk and significant injuries.

Proceed with Caution 

The numbers suggest that auto accidents involving pedestrians are far more likely to occur in urban areas. Traffic is heavier, and more people are crossing intersections and navigating parking lots. Additionally, traffic signals are more common in urban areas, which can lead to confusion and impulsive behavior for motorists and pedestrians alike.

However, while auto accidents involving pedestrians happen more often in cities, they do frequently occur in rural areas and can be far more severe due to motorists traveling at higher speeds on country roads or failing to observe hidden driveways and traffic signals.

These accidents tend to occur more frequently after dark due to low visibility and the higher propensity for motorists to be driving under the influence. Therefore, it’s important that pedestrians wear reflectors or vibrant clothing if they will be walking or bicycling at night to lessen the potential for an accident.

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